StoriaBox App
Bluffing effects thanks to augmented reality
StoriaBox App
Virtual immersion in buildings or monuments
StoriaBox App
Quizzes and games to be an actor of your own visit
StoriaBox App
A virtual guide only for yourself

Technologic , staged and innovative visits


StoriaBox is a mobile application that is available on App Store and Google Play which allows you to discover the heritage of the Arc Jurassien (Jurassic area) with the help of modern technologies. Let yourselves lead into unforgettable adventures through staged and thematized itineraries. All these routes are laid out in steps containing each time events that are triggered automatically on your tablet simultaneously at your arrival at a particular place. On your own, with your family or among friends, set out to discover inescapable places, breathtaking landscapes and come back with new open-mindedness and memories. You can find at any time, in your own private StoriaBox environment, some souvenir pictures along with other surprise. Ready for the adventure? Discover without any delay our routes in the tab «sites ». Since 2020, StoriaBox is no longer developed. A new solution is under development.

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